Fuji FinePix X100 Panoramic Excellence

Probably one of the most anticipated cameras of 2011 the Fuji FinePix X100 lives up to the hype. I managed to get my hands on one over the weekend and I have fallen in love with the camera as small as a compact but as a powerful as a digital SLR.

I am not going to into the pros and cons or even start to cover the how great each and every still image it captures is visually but instead I thought I would take a look at one aspect I am completely in awe of, the in camera panoramas.

If you have ever set up a camera on a tripod to capture a panorama you will know that even with dedicated stitching software it can be quite difficult to create realistic panoramic images.

The Fuji X100 brings the panoramic photo mode directly to the camera. Simply select either 120 or 180 degree, focus and take the photograph while slowly moving in the direction of the arrow and the camera does the rest. The Fuji doesn’t restrict you to a particular direction either, you can literally create both horizontal or vertical panoramic images with any starting point.

The small versions of the images don’t do the full size photo justice. Click on an image to view it on flickr and make sure you view the photograph on black by clicking L.

South Queensferry by Strevo

South Queensferry

Boat by {Flixelpix} David


The Queen Victoria Building. May 2011 by kebs.kebs

The Queen Victoria Building. May 2011

Stepping Stones by {Flixelpix} David

Stepping Stones

Reversing Falls panorama by Seeing Is

Reversing Falls panorama

Botanic Gardens by {Flixelpix} David

Botanic Gardens

Black and White Burrard Bridge Panorama by CoffeeGeek

Black and White Burrard Bridge Panorama

Forest by {Flixelpix} David


Panoramic X100 by {Flixelpix} David

Panoramic X100

Pendle panorama by eikona

Pendle panorama

Monument by {Flixelpix} David


x100 Panorama by garycruz

x100 Panorama

BondiPano by gymilton


Full Size Panorama by {Flixelpix} David

Full Size Panorama

Beach Combers by {Flixelpix} David

Beach Combers

There are more panoramic photos in the dedicated X100 Panoramas flickr group.

Reviews of the X100

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  1. I’ve heard so much good about this camera. And now there’s yet another wonderful feature. Guess I’ll have to start saving my pennies!

  2. Thanks David. Like I needed another reason to want one :-) Very cool feature that I haven’t seen mentioned in any other review.

  3. Hi,
    I’ve been really into the panoramic mode on this camera as well. Its just great! By coincidence, most of my shots were taken in Scotland as well.


    Good to see someone else not writing this feature off as a gimmick…

  4. wooow xD i should first learn how to used my canon 55oD then i’ll try this one

  5. I think the Sony NEX 5 does a better technical job of pano stitching in camera. Check out this image in low light – hardly any stitching errors.


    & the same one in daylight:


  6. great examples of panoramas, haven’t’ tried that yet but heading to Costa Rica tomorrow and sure it will be another feature I will enjoy! Your work is stunning no matter what tool you use!

  7. Andrea Belloni says:

    you can get raw using landscape mode?

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