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  • Photo Profile: Aleksey

    Hi, my name is Aleksey Khmyz, and I’m a wedding photographer in the Buffalo, NY area. I’m originally from Ukraine and grew up in a military family. I spent ten years serving my country as part of the armed forces, but when I met my wife while on a training assignment here is the USA,… [Continue Reading]

    Photo Profile: Aleksey
  • Photo Profile: Andrea Matone

    Hello. My name is Andrea Matone. I am a lifestyle photographer working out of Rome Italy. I love my job and I try to work with passion and creativity. Hoping that this feeling can be transmitted through my images. The style that best describes my wedding photography is documentary with a modern twist. Trying to… [Continue Reading]

    Photo Profile: Andrea Matone
  • Photo Profile: Colin Tuff

    Creating photographs that tell real stories has always appealed more to me than producing traditionally beautiful, contrived images, and it’s for this reason alone that my progression into a career as a documentary wedding photographer felt very natural. I’m now entering my 4th year of shooting weddings in Northern Ireland and my belief in this… [Continue Reading]

    Photo Profile: Colin Tuff
  • Photo Profile: Brett McNally

    I started in the world of photography when I was but a wee lad, I would often be the one at family gatherings taking the photos as I have always enjoyed capturing the story of the family events. In 2009, I brought my first DSLR which was an entry-level Canon 450d for personal use. In… [Continue Reading]

    Photo Profile: Brett McNally
  • Photo Profile: Gevon (Servo) Knox

    Would you do me a favor. If you are a photographer, take a look at your images. What do they mean to you? Are they what you see in the world around you, or how you see the world around you? For me photography has become how I see the world around me. Long ago in… [Continue Reading]

    Photo Profile: Gevon (Servo) Knox

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Engagement Sessions with Scott Wyden Kivowitz – Your Bag

I thought I would keep the Your Bag series going with a helpful video which I recently shared with The Arcanum. In the video you will see how I utilize very … [Read More...]

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Photographer’s Gear Stolen – Launches Kickstarter to Continue Photo Project

Matt Hill has been making his paper art photographs for many years now.  They're creative and beautiful. Recently while in San Fransisco someone broke into his … [Read More...]

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We are delighted to share that Tether Tools has a big giveaway going on right now. They are giving away a full conference pass to the upcoming 2014 PhotoPlus Expo in New York City. The pass comes with full access to the expo floor, keynotes and … [Read More...]


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The Desert Folks of Jaiselmer

Jaiselmer, once a princely state of the State of Rajasthan India is perhaps closest to my imagination of a romantic desert kingdom dotted with massive forts and opulent palaces. One can picture dashing Rajput kings riding out of their desert strongholds for … [Read More...]


Cameras Have Four Wheels

There is a lot of humdrum these days about which camera to choose and it can all get a bit confusing. There is a simpler way to do things. The way I see it, a camera is a lot like a car. Let me explain. A car and a camera at the heart of it all are … [Read More...]


Peter Meade – Your Bag

This is a standard set up for shooting polo and then the presentations afterwards. The 7D+100-400 is my standard polo combination although I have also used the 400/2.8, with and without a 1.4x converter. I like the flexibility of the 100-400 and it's a lot … [Read More...]

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If you only had one lens ?

Over the last number of years I have managed to build up a little collection of lens. Every so often I feel a little guilty and wonder if I should sell a lens but can never decide which to part with as for me they all do specific jobs. I have a 50mm at … [Read More...]


Photographers on Google+

I have been using Google+ for a few days now and I have to say I am really loving it. Google+ actually handles photos better than other social network sharing sites I have used with the images being presented in large format enabling casual users to view the … [Read More...]


Poll Results : How many Lenses do you own ?

I know a photographer who swears that he only needs one lens, a 24-70mm f2.8. In a recent poll we asked readers if they were only allowed one lens which would it be with the 50mm lens coming out firmly on top (read more here). Over the last few months I … [Read More...]