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Photo Profile: Cyd Lapour

Photography has always been a very personal thing for me. I first picked up a camera out of sheer desperation – my youngest son, who is autistic, was not able to tolerate a traditional portrait studio environment, and I found myself with little to no photos of him from late infancy onward. I was determined […]

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Engagement Sessions with Scott Wyden Kivowitz – Your Bag

I thought I would keep the Your Bag series going with a helpful video which I recently shared with The Arcanum. In the video you will see how I utilize very … [Read More...]

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Photo Profile: Clive Smith

I'm a hobby photographer. My influences are the many journalists who have written articles that I like, and enjoy their writing style. I enjoy doing new things and … [Read More...]

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Photo Profile: Dom & Liam Shaw // York Place Studios

We are Dom and Liam, aka York Place Studios, brother and sister international wedding photographers. We are based in Yorkshire but travel across the UK and abroad to capture extraordinary weddings for incredible couples. We own a photography studio in the … [Read More...]


The Story of Safdarjung by Jayant Neogy

The Man Imagine this. It is the early part of the 18th century. The once mighty Mughal empire in India is in decline. The British are in India, trading at the moment but already dreaming of setting up their empire in India. In these turbulent times, a … [Read More...]


Photo Profile: Linus Moran

I have been exceedingly lucky with my career, having experienced great variety and opportunity within my professional photography. I have worked within several leading Fleet Street news titles as a press photographer, before setting up my own picture agency … [Read More...]

50mm 1.8E on a Sony A7

Evaluating The MetaBones Nikon G mount to Sony NEX Adapter

Over the summer of 2014 I  started to use a blended camera kit.  I Replaced my Nikon D90 with a Sony A7. However my system change was not the one normally done. I kept using my Nikon lenses with my Sony A7. To do this I purchased a Metabones Nikon G mount to … [Read More...]

jpegmini compressed-2400-20141201

Evaluating JPEGmini PRO, Does it put JPEGs On A Diet?

You can win free copy of JPEGmini Pro here Whether you shoot raw or not, JPEGs are a photographers output file of choice. A JPEG file is used pretty much everywhere, from print shops to webpages. There is an issue for photographer though. As raw files get … [Read More...]

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If you only had one lens ?

Over the last number of years I have managed to build up a little collection of lens. Every so often I feel a little guilty and wonder if I should sell a lens but can never decide which to part with as for me they all do specific jobs. I have a 50mm at … [Read More...]


Photographers on Google+

I have been using Google+ for a few days now and I have to say I am really loving it. Google+ actually handles photos better than other social network sharing sites I have used with the images being presented in large format enabling casual users to view the … [Read More...]


Poll Results : How many Lenses do you own ?

I know a photographer who swears that he only needs one lens, a 24-70mm f2.8. In a recent poll we asked readers if they were only allowed one lens which would it be with the 50mm lens coming out firmly on top (read more here). Over the last few months I … [Read More...]