Lightroom’s Auto Mask Brush Saves Your Edge

In Lightroom 4, there is a featured called auto mask.  It can be found when utilizing the brush tool.

The auto mask brush enables you to make local adjustments to your photographs without disrupting the background.

My friend Jeff Revell showed the feature off a while back in his article on local adjustments in Lightroom 4.  But I thought I would create a video so you can see it in action.

Have you be utilizing the auto mask tool?

Will you now?

Comment below and share a link to a photograph that you have published where auto mask has been used.

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  1. Mike says


    I use the automask function on my brushes and where the differences are very marked between say sky and trees and in colour then yes it does work very effectively. However, I find there is still some “bleed” when using it in low contrast light on black and white shots. My understanding is that so long as the cross hairs in the middle of the brush do not go over into a different colour than the one you first clicked on when you started using the brush then it will not “spray” on any other shade or colour – however it does have difficulty when used in black and white images where tonal gradation between different objects is more subtle. I would like to see Adobe refine this brush further so that it is more effective in remembering the original tone you clicked the brush on and it recognizes gradual gradations of grey tones in black in white.

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