41 Shades of Green

March – a month dedicated to celebrating St. Patrick’s day, and the beginning of Spring! We asked our Flickr followers to post an image they interpreted to illustrate ‘Green’. These images could be anything from a four leaf clover to your green hybrid.

If you want to comment on an individual photograph click on an image to be taken to it directly on Flickr. We all appreciate the feedback. You can find out more about our flickr group here.

In no particular order…

1. Becky

2. Colin Gallagher
'the bold face.'

3. Tim Green

4. No Sharp Shooter
Green Steps

5. Shamrockah
American Basin

6. informatique
St. Patrick’s Festival Céilí [2011] - Big Green Hat On A Little Princess

7. Livietta
Occhi verdi/Green Eyes

8. Sabrina_Jackson
Abstract pine

9. utrt

10. shoeless LindaB
Birch Seedpods

11. rikkims

12. purpleface

13. el-mo-fo-to
of curves, long fingers and steep shoulders | woodside, ca

14. iamandyogden

15. Kino-S

16. Arts Eye Photographic

17. DaveFrost

18. lucyb_22
Leaf Frog, Again

19. Maurice Ramsbottom
Drying Off

20. Anant N S
184/365. Acoustic.

21. H. Jacquet
Green remains

22. chalkie
Green Dog

23. Cicerophoto
Fotosöndag – Tema: Grön

24. Luke-rative
Picasso the Green Tree Frog

25. 50mm_Streettog
The Heart Of The Hills

26. CJ5ive

27. sharkbayte
Rough green snake -(Opheodrys aestivus)

28. SammCox

29. Steve Stanger
green buddha

30. Graham Baker LSWPP
Green Violet - Broccoli

Green Shield Bug

32. David H-W
Green Leaves

33. Fabio Dedini
Green tunnel

34. csabatokolyi

35. David Dales
Green Door (What's that secret you're keeping)

36. SammCox
Toog Reene (probably)

37. Pablin79
Tasting the air...

38. Damian Synnott
Water Droplets on a lily pad

39. Lens Artwork

40. Black Cat Photos
i spy

41. Denise Worden
Pictures of Lily

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  1. says

    Wow!!!! This one is bloody brilliant. Different shades of green, woah!!!! looks like an inspiration project which I can take up to improve my photography. Thanks.

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