Photo Profile: Jon Simpson

I’m a photographer who is always trying to capture something unique for my subjects. Challenging myself with shallow focus, low light and moving candid subjects.

My love affair with photography started early in my acting career.

© Jon Simpson

From the beginning I always had a keen interest in lighting for theatre and film. Whether I was onstage or in front of a camera, I always marveled at the craft of stage lighting and cinematography. Whenever possible, I would take advantage of my access to gain knowledge of the tools that these wonderful craftsmen had at their disposal.

Even when I was on the Paramount film set dressed as the Vulcan Sarek (Spock’s father) during the filming of the feature film Star Trek V with the original Star Trek cast members, I was also observing and asking questions about lighting and composition.

Some twenty five years later, having appeared on the stage in Los Angeles and Phoenix, worked on motion pictures, television shows and a multitude of commercials.

Looking through my portfolio you will see a stark difference. Many photographers have garish photoshop filters slapped on top of mediocre images to give the illusion of a “style – where as I believe that the best challenge for me is to take a picture and have it be stunning, innovative and eye catching right out of the camera.

© Jon Simpson

It is not so much about the camera or digital tools, but about the relationship and give and take between the photographer and his subjects. I’m always open to the subjects wants and needs as a springboard for inspiration. Whether it is location ideas, outfits, posing – you name it.  I’m always interested in being challenged by my clients so that I can meet and usually exceed their expectations.

Scottsdale, Phoenix, Paradise Valley and Tempe Arizona is where I do my senior picture, head shot, family, wedding, event, acting and modeling photography sessions.


Website: Scottsdale & Phoenix Family & Senior Pictures & Event Photographer

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