Photo Profile: Karen Marie

© Karen Marie

My lifestyle has always been surrounded by the outdoors and nature since childhood. Becoming an Outdoor Photographer came somewhat natural to me with this lifestyle and the gift of a good eye from God when using a camera.

Farm and ranch raised, my experiences and personal interest with the rural landscapes, cowboys, and outdoor work are enjoyable to share through my photographs and writings. I have lived in the beautiful mountain states of Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana. Photographing through the past 25 years, my collection of images has become expansive. The pictures in my portfolio consist of cowboy work and rodeo, nature in the forest like trees, plants, wildflowers, wildlife, and wild mushrooms, unique mountain landscapes, and architectural details of log cabins, old rustic barns, rural one room schoolhouses, and country churches. I am active with outdoor recreation like hiking, camping, fishing, snowshoes, canoes, and exploring, so photography compliments the activities as well.

After working a couple summers at Sport Fishing Lodges in Alaska in the late 1980’s, I became influenced to start a career in photography. The land is so vast and wild in Alaska and I became naturally inspired to preserve the beauty and memories of my travel adventure there in photographs.

© Karen Marie

Adventure inspires me in general, and photography became a way to express myself and capture the experiences in creative displays. I am also an enthusiast in antiques and classics, and like to photograph details of these collections to help inspire little nostalgia moments of fun with others. I often use a macro lens in my photography work because it is my favorite way to create and capture an image. Acknowledged as a rare photographer by some of my peers because I used a simple Pentax K1000 manual film camera for the first 20 years of my work. I believe the photographer’s eye is a greater equipment then the style of camera.

The importance of how close you look at the subject to reflect it’s quality, where you angle the camera lense to get the greatest composition, and when to click the shutter speed for ultimate clarity is the why to achieving interesting photography. I like my photographs to be a form of storytelling for the viewers by keeping my focus on relating life to the image as well. I believe this is as valuable as how we look at the picture format in general. And an entrepreneur at heart, I have a strong desire to continue sharing and selling my pictures from my photo website. My hopes are the viewers can sense some adventure through their eyes.


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