12 WordPress eCommerce Photography Themes To Make You Money

Have you ever considered WordPress eCommerce photography themes as the solution for your website?

Photographers love to share their photographs with website visitors.  Make sense, right?  Photographers also want to sell their photographs to these visitors.  Also makes sense, right?

So why not combine the power of eCommerce with the styling of WordPress themes for photographers?

WordPress eCommerce Photography Themes

Below are 12 WordPress themes and plugin combinations to help you make money selling your photographs.  Although some of the themes listed here have eCommerce functionality, we think you will notice an interesting trend, which we will mention at the end of this article.



What’s so great about the Photocrati theme, is that is not only the best WordPress theme for photographers, but also includes simple eCommerce functionality so you don’t want to use additional plugins.

  • All-in-one website + galleries + blog.
  • Sell images with eCommerce galleries
  • PayPal payment
  • Dozens of styles, customize everything.



eStore is a flashy website that can help photographers to sell photographs or eBooks.  If you want to see a photography eBook website using this theme, check out Flatbooks.  It’s not officially a WordPress photography theme, but can sure be used as one.

  • Elegant Themes Framework
  • Built-in eCommerce
  • PayPal Payment



This is an interesting theme as it is built on using Cart66 for its eCommerce functionality, but has a nice business styling.

  • Cart66 plugin needed for eCommerce
  • Slider
  • Poduct Reviews



This theme uses custom post types for its portfolio section, and JigoShop for its eCommerce functionality.

  • E-Commerce Ready with Jigoshop
  • 960 Grid System
  • HTML5 and CSS3
  • Social sharing
  • Custom Posts for Slider & Gallery

FlexShop 2

Bright and large are the best two words to describe this theme.  FlexShop 2 uses WooCommerce for it’s eCommerce functionality.

  • WooCommerce plugin needed for eCommerce
  • Google Fonts
  • Responsive
  • Slider



Also built for WooCommerce, this theme incorporates custom post types of portfolios.

  • Responsive
  • Multiple Slideshows
  • Custom Post Types for Portfolios
  • WooCommerce plugin needed for eCommerce



Fullscreen is one of the most popular, you guessed it, full screen WordPress themes on the market.

  • WooCommerce plugin needed for eCommerce
  • Full Screen
  • Exif data display



Kinetico is a very interesting theme with it’s vibrant and modern design.  While it isn’t techniclaly a gallery theme, combine its WooCommerce functions with NextGEN Gallery and you can really have an impressive website.

  • WooCommerce plugin needed for eCommerce
  • Responsive
  • Slider


The Enfinity theme was designed to support both NextGEN Gallery and WooCommerce.  The layout is much different than any other eCommerce based theme out there.

  • Responsive
  • Sortable portfolios with infinite scrolling system
  • WooCommerce plugin needed for eCommerce


This theme is extremely interesting.  Like Kinetico, there is no built-in gallery but mixed with NextGEN Gallery – it could work well for so many.


ReStored was based on this theme.  The main difference is that Stored uses Cart66 for its eCommerce integration.
  • Affiliate function
  • Sliders
  • Cart66 integration



Last but not least, this theme has a beautiful home page slider, and works with multiple eCommerce frameworks.  This is another that NextGEN Gallery would be a great addition to.

  • Responsive
  • Worked with WP E-Commerce, JigoShop and WooCommerce
  • Product Reviews

WordPress eCommerce Trend

The majority of eCommerce themes do not rely on their own functionality.  In fact, the popular ones are Cart66, WP e-Commerce, JigoShop, Easy Digital Downloads and WooCommerce.  The clear winner of third-party eCommerce support is WooCommerce.

Show Off Yours

Are you using a WordPress theme with eCommerce built-in?   Comment below to share yours.

Thanks for reading


  1. says


    I use a Photocrati theme. I love it. I want to buy another one I think. The only problem I am having is, I need to be able to have custom price lists. For example, not every 8×10 will be the same price for different images, surfaces, mediums, etc. As of now, do not see a way to make multiple price lists, and I have too many specific items I need to price to use one list. Is there a plugin or something you can suggest? Also – do the themes have to use paypal or can I change the payment method at some point? Many thanks, Traci

    • Scott says

      Hi Traci,

      Price lists are on the roadmap, but the theme as of version 4.6 has unlimited pricing options so you can create multiple 8×10 options and choose which 8×10 can be used with a specific gallery. Not as simple as a quick-choose price list, but that’s why it’s on the roadmap.

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