WordPress Gallery Plugins or WordPress Gallery Themes?

Today we’re going to discuss WordPress Gallery plugins and the different between them and WordPress gallery themes.  We’re going to compare and contrast some features that both have.  So let’s get started.

WordPress Gallery Plugins

  • Not all have gallery management systems built-in
  • Not all have style variations
  • Some work with custom post types
  • Not all work with any theme
  • Not all include eCommerce
  • Not all provide full screen options
  • Not all have third-party support (like Lightroom or Aperture)

A favorite of all WordPress gallery plugins (and with the statistics to back it up), is NextGEN Gallery due to its feature set, third-party support and gallery management system.  Not only that, but a lot of theme developers are integrating the plugin into their WordPress portfolio themes.  You can see a complete list of NextGEN Gallery extensions on the plugin’s website.


WordPress Gallery Themes

  • Not all have gallery management systems built-in
  • Not all have style variations
  • Some work with custom post types
  • The typical theme  does not have third-party support
  • Not all include eCommerce
  • Not all offer full screen, responsive designs.

Picking ideal WordPress gallery themes is never an easy task.  Fortunately we’ve made it easier for you by creating lists of some of the best available.

Photocrati recently wrote an article on WordPress gallery themes made easy which talks about how the theme make the lives (and business) of photographers easier.  You may want to check it out.

Thanks for reading the comparison, and I hope you find the plugin and/or theme you’re hoping for.

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