21 Images for a New Beginning

A new year has arrived, a time where we all make our resolutions for a new beginning. That new beginning may be a resolution to lose weight, a new list of goals to accomplish or a new baby has arrived. For the month of January 2012 we asked our Flickr followers to post an image they interpreted to illustrate a ‘new beginning’ for them.

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In no particular order…

1. Becky “Holding on…”

2. Magneticart “2012 is born !! I hope we’ll treat him well !!”

3. dropslash “First sunrise of 2012.”
Travel: 2012 - First Sunrise

4. Jackson=Photo
A New Beginning

5. jonny.andrews65
Dungeness boat 2

6. hofmannpx

7. Luke-rative “A new beginning is exactly what he needs…”
He sits at your feet

8. Dar Moorhouse “The weather was warmer than usual in the Yukon. I thought a walk was a great way to celebrate the beginning of the New Year.”
Winter Light

9. pratiphotography “Prati Photography born in 2012!”
Antique necklace

10. CJ5ive
New Beginnings

11. Alexander H.M. Cascone
Magic Box

12. livvips
48/365 - Two Paths

13. Tim Dobbs “I will shoot more film this year…”
First Film Portrait........

14. Livietta
I wear my heart upon my sleeve

15. jennamonro “I want to become more active, not only in physical life style but in my hometown of Austin, TX and my community.”

16. hayleysphotos

17. Adriana Glackin “For some people, this is a new beginning that they’d prefer to avoid:”
Like modern day tombstones, they stand.

18. chalkie

19. Roger Hur “My first bath…”
1st bath

20. papasof “This year i will travel more. Discovering new places and meeting new people.”
Black & as White as snow

21. AlanaGentilePhotography “Taken New Years Day morning. The remnants of New Years eve celebrations, and a symbol of moving on towards new beginnings. “

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